how to advertise in brazil

How to advertise my company in Brazil?

Global companies wishing to advertise in Brazil finally have an easier and faster alternative.

Off-line media is often highly complex,  as it involves data dispersion, manual processes and significant red tape. The new platform allows direct search of thousands of publishers and their available formats, combined with data filters, online quotation and all the other steps of the media buying process.

Have you ever considered how much easier it would be to have comprehensive information on TV, Magazines, Ouf of Home, Radio, Events and other media types with their complete information gathered in one single place?

The Canal do Anúncio team is also prepared to provide high level advisory to help you to develop your strategic planning, answering frequent questions such as: which medias to use? Where, when or how to advertise in Brazil? The system offers tools that really make a difference in optimizing your budget and achieving challenging goals. Click here to learn more about this unique service.

Once your company starts using a platform that integrates advertisers and publishers directly, you’ll have an indispensable ally in ensuring compliance: control and transparency. Several businesses that have not and will not establish offices in Brazil, now have at their disposal a truly specialized and efficient media support through Canal do Anúncio. used the platform to quote and market its ad campaign in the Salvador subway, in Bahia.

Additionally, Canal do Anúncio works as a payment hub for your advertising expenses, streamlining processes, saving transactional costs and keeping your cash flow available, rather than stucked in a local account.

Start making more knowledgeable decisions about your marketing investments, advertise more adequately and boost your sales in Brazil: it’s as easy as clicking here!

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